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Whirlpool 489P3 Limit Thermostat
Whirlpool 489P3 Limit Thermostat

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MFG P/N: 489P3
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Whirlpool 489P3 Limit Thermostat

RSPC OEM thermostat kit used in select Maytag and Amana dryers

Replaces the following part numbers:
  • 56221
  • 58366
  • 61886
  • 867
  • R0611004
  • R0611015
  • Y61886
  • AP4052097
  • PS2044484

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed):

ADG7005AWW, AEM407L2, AEM407W2, AEM427L2, AEM427W2, AEM477L2, AEM477W2, AEM497L2, AEM497W2, AEM677L2, AEM677W2, AEM697L2, AEM697W2, AG3219, AG3419, AG4119, AG4219, AG4419, AG5119, AG5219, AG5419, AG7139, AG7239, AG9139, AG9239, AG9439, AGE939, AGE959, AGM199, AGM339, AGM359, AGM379, AGM399, AGM409L, AGM409L2, AGM409W, AGM409W2, AGM429L2, AGM429W, AGM429W2, AGM439, AGM459, AGM479L2, AGM479W, AGM479W2, AGM499L, AGM499L2, AGM499W, AGM499W2, AGM639, AGM659, AGM679L2, AGM679W, AGM679W2, AGM699L, AGM699L2, AGM699W, AGM699W2, ALG120RAW, ALG230RAW, ALG230RCW, ALG331RAC, ALG331RAW, ALG331RMC, ALG331RMW, ALG443RAC, ALG443RAW, ALG443RCW, ALG443RCW, ALG565SAC, ALG565SAW, ALG643RAC, ALG643RAW, ALG643RBC, ALG643RBW, ALG643RMC, ALG643RMC1, ALG643RMW, ALG643RMW1, ALG665SAC, ALG665SAW, ALG866SAC, ALG866SAW, ALG866SBC, ALG866SBW, ALG866SCW, ALG868QAW, ALG868QCW, ALG956EAC, ALG956EAW, CDG6505W, CDG9500W, CDG9505W, CG2412, CG8409W, CG8409W2, CYG1005AWW, CYG3005AWW, DLG330RAW, DLG330RCW, GFS142/MN10, GFS142/MN11, GFS162/MN11, GFS165/MN10, GFS185/MN10, GFS187/MN11, HG2090, HG2260, HG2490, HG2980, HG3009, HG4009, HG4080, HG4109, HG4209, HG4280, HG4360, HG4390, HG4490, HG4509, HG5009, HG5390, HG6009, HG6360, HG6380, HG6490, HG6494, HG6660, HG7009, HG7290, HG9260, HG9280, KG5319, KG5519, KG6539, LE2812, LE8267L2, LE8267W2, LE8367L2, LE8367W2, LE8467L2, LE8467W2, LE8567L2, LE8567W2, LE9012, LG1009W, LG1101, LG1112, LG2112L, LG2112W, LG2401, LG2412, LG2501, LG2512, LG2811, LG2812, LG2911, LG2912, LG3412G, LG3412L, LG3412W, LG3512L, LG3512W, LG3812L, LG3812W, LG3912L, LG3912W, LG4209L, LG4209L2, LG4209W, LG4209W2, LG4219L2, LG4219W2, LG4309L, LG4309W, LG4319L2, LG4319W2, LG4409L, LG4409W, LG4429L, LG4429W, LG4509L, LG4509W, LG4609L, LG4609W, LG4809L, LG4809W, LG4909L, LG4909W, LG8101LB, LG8101WB, LG8109L2, LG8109W2, LG8111LB, LG8111LM, LG8111WB, LG8111WM, LG8121LM, LG8121WM, LG8153LB, LG8153LM, LG8153WB, LG8153WM, LG8163LM, LG8163WM, LG8209L2, LG8209L3, LG8209W2, LG8209W3, LG8219L2, LG8219W2, LG8269L2, LG8269W2, LG8319L2, LG8319W2, LG8329W, LG8369L2, LG8369W2, LG8409L2, LG8409W, LG8409W2, LG8459L2, LG8459L2, LG8459W, LG8459W2, LG8469L2, LG8469W2, LG8509W, LG8519L2, LG8519W2, LG8569L2, LG8569W2, LG8609L2, LG8609W, LG8609W2, LG9012, LG9109W, LG9209L2, LG9209W, LG9209W2, LGA10AW, LGA20AW, LGA30AL, LGA30AW, LGA50AL, LGA50AW, LGA60AL, LGA60AW, LGA80AL, LGA80AW, LGA90AL, LGA90AW, LGC20AW, LGC50AW, LGD20AW, LGD251, LGD312, LGD32AW, LGD451, LGD512, LGD57AW, LGD65AW, LGD851, LGD912, LGD951, LGM439L, LGM439W, LGM449L, LGM449W, LGM549L, LGM549W, LGM849W, LGS10AW, LGS19AW, LGS33AW, LGS34AW, MDG208DAWW, MDG2706AGW, MDG2706AWW, MDG270SAWW, MDG308DAWW, MDG3706AWW, MDG3757AWW, MDG3758AWW, MDG4658AWW, MDG4806AWW, MDG508DAWK, MDG508DAWW, MDG5806AWK, MDG5806AWW, MDGT236AWW, MDGT336AWW, MDGT446AWW, NDG2330AWW, NDG2335AWW, NDG5800AWW, NDG5805AWW, NDG7800AWW, NDG8805AWW, NG2119, NG3319, NG3519, NG4319, NG4519, NG4619, NG4719, NG4819, NG5319, NG5519, NG6319, NG6339, NG6519, NG6539, NG6619, NG6819, NG7319, NG7519, NG8339, NG8539, NG8639, NG8839, PDGT910AWW, PDGT920AWW, SDG2606AWW, SDG305DAWW, SDG3606AWQ, SDG3606AWW, SDG4000AWW, SDG405DAWW, SDG4606AWW, SDG505DAWQ, SDG505DAWW, SDG505DAXW, SDG515DAWW, SDG5401AWW, SDG5401AXW, SDG5701AWQ, SDG5701AWW, SDG5701AXW, SLG120RAW, SLG332RAW, SLG332RAW, TEA400, TEA600, TEA800, TGA400, TGA600, TGA800, UG8091, UG8290, VG3019, VG5019,

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5 of 5 489P3 Thermostat Kit June 27, 2018
Reviewer: Jagdish Sood from Naperville, IL United States  
Very quick delivery!

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