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Whirlpool DE31-10173A Microwave Turntable Motor
Whirlpool DE31-10173A Microwave Turntable Motor

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MFG P/N: DE31-10173A
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Product Code: VSSDE31-10173A

Whirlpool DE31-10173A Microwave Turntable Motor

Square shaft motor - check your existing motor

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed):

592856000, 592856030, 592856040, 592856060, 592856090, 592856100, 592856130, 592856140, 592856190, 592857130, 80082, 80083, 80084, 80086, 80089, 80092, 80093, 80094, 80099, 88522, 88523, 88529, AMV5206BAB, AMV5206BAS, AMV5206BAW, AMV6167BDS, CM929B, EMO3000CSS, JMV8166BAB, JMV8166BAS, JMV8166BAW, JMV8186AAB, JMV8186AAS, JMV8186AAW, JMV8208BAB, JMV8208BAS, JMV8208BAW, JMV8208BCB, JMV8208BCS, JMV8208BCW, JMV8208DB00, JMV8208DP00, JMV8208DS00, JMV8208DW00, JMV9169BAB, JMV9169BAP, JMV9169BAS, JMV9169BAW, JVM1440BH, JVM1740DMWW, MMV4205BAB, MMV4205BAQ, MMV4205BAS, MMV4205BAW, MMV5207BAB, MMV5207BAQ, MMV5207BAS, MMV5207BAW, MMV5207BCB, MMV5207BCQ, MMV5207BCS, MMV5207BCW, MO1430BA, MO1430WA, MO1440BA, MO1440CA, MO1440WA, MO1450BA, MO1450CA, MO1450WA, MO1640BA, MO1640CA, MO1640WA, MO1650BA, MO1650CA, MO1650WA, SMH4150BD, SMH4150BE, SMH4150WD, SMH4150WE, SMH6140BB, SMH6140CB, SMH6140WB, SMH6150BB, SMH6150WC, SMH6165STG, SMH7150BC, SMH7150BE, SMH7150CC, SMH7150CE, SMH7150WC, SMH7150WE, SMH7155BC, SMH7159BC, SMH7159CC, SMH7159WC, SMH7174BC, SMH7174BE, SMH7174CC, SMH7174WC, SMH7174WE, SMH7175BC, SMH7175BE, SMH7175BF, SMH7175CC, SMH7175CE, SMH7175WC, SMH7175WE, SMH7175WF, SMH7176STE, SMH7177STE, SMH7178STD, SMH7178STE, SMH7178STF, SMH7185BG, SMH7185STG, SMH7185WG, SMH7187STG, SMH8165B, SMH8165ST, SMH8165STE, SMH8165W, SMH8187BG, SMH8187STG, SMH8187WG, SMH9187B, SMH9187ST, SMH9187W, SMH9207ST, SMK9175ST, SMV7165STD, SMV9165BC, SMV9165SC, UMV2186AAB, UMV2186AAS, UMV2186AAW, YJMV8208DB0

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