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Whirlpool Dishwasher Spray Arm WP304204
Whirlpool Dishwasher Spray Arm WP304204

Our Price: $85.80
MFG P/N: WP304204
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Product Code: WHI304204

Whirlpool Dishwasher Spray Arm WP304204

Part Number WP304204 replaces 300854, 302020, 302813, 303569, 304204, 99989650, AP6007537, PS11740654

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed):

DP1098XRN0, DP1098XRN1, DP1098XRW0, DP1098XRW1, DP3000XRG0, DP3000XRN0, DP3000XRN1, DP3000XRN2, DP3000XRN3, DP3000XRN4, DP3000XRN6, DP3000XRW0, DP3000XRW1, DP3800XLW0, DP3800XLW1, DP3801XLW0, DP3840XPN0, DP3840XPN1, DP3840XPN2, DP3880XMW0, DP4800XMW0, DP4800XSG0, DP4800XSN0, DP4800XSW0, DP6000XRP0, DP6000XRP1, DP6000XRP2, DP6880XLP0, DP6880XLP1, DP6881XLP0, DP6881XLP1, DP8350XVN0, DP8350XVN1, DP8350XVN2, DP8500XTN0, DP8500XTN1, DP8500XTN2, DP8500XTN3, DP8500XTN4, DP8500XTN5, DP8500XXN0, DP8500XXN1, DP8700XTN0, DP8700XTN1, DP8700XTN2, DP8700XTN3, DP8700XTN4, DP8700XTN5, DP8700XTW2, DU1098XLW0, DU1098XLW1, DU1098XRW0, DU1098XRW1, DU1099XT0, DU1099XT1, DU1099XT2, DU1099XT3, DU2000XS0, DU2016XS0, DU2900XM0, DU2916XM0, DU2919XM0, DU3000XL0, DU3000XL1, DU3000XR0, DU3000XR1, DU3000XR2, DU3003XL0, DU3014XL0, DU3014XL1, DU3016XL0, DU3016XR0, DU3016XR1, DU3040XP0, DU3040XP1, DU3040XP2, DU4000XL0, DU4000XR0, DU4000XR1, DU4000XR2, DU4003XL0, DU4003XL1, DU4040XP0, DU4040XP1, DU4040XP2, DU4500XM0, DU4500XR0, DU4500XR1, DU4500XR2, DU5000XL0, DU5000XL1, DU5003XL0, DU5003XL1, DU5004XM0, DU5004XM1, DU5004XM2, DU5040XP0, DU5040XP1, DU5040XP2, DU5500XL0, DU5500XL1, DU5500XR0, DU5500XR1, DU5503XL0, DU5504XM0, DU6000XR0, DU6000XR1, DU6000XR4, DU7200XS0, DU7200XS1, DU7200XS2, DU7200XS3, DU7200XS4, DU7200XS5, DU7216XS0, DU7216XS1, DU7216XS2, DU7216XS3, DU7216XS5, DU7400XS0, DU7400XS1, DU7400XS2, DU7400XS3, DU7400XS4, DU7400XS5, DU7400XS6, DU7500XL0, DU7500XR0, DU7500XR1, DU7500XR2, DU7503XL0, DU7600XS0, DU7600XS1, DU7600XS2, DU7600XS3, DU7600XS6, DU7770XS0, DU7800XS0, DU7800XS1, DU7800XS2, DU7800XS3, DU7800XS6, DU7900XL0, DU7903XL0, DU8000XR0, DU8000XR1, DU8000XR2, DU8100XT0, DU8100XT1, DU8100XT2, DU8100XT3, DU8100XT4, DU8116XT0, DU8116XT1, DU8116XT2, DU8116XT3, DU8116XT4, DU8300XT0, DU8300XT1, DU8300XT2, DU8300XT3, DU8300XT4, DU8300XT5, DU8350XT0, DU8350XT1, DU8350XT2, DU8350XT3, DU8350XT4, DU8500XT0, DU8500XT1, DU8500XT2, DU8500XT3, DU8500XT4, DU8500XT5, DU8500XX0, DU8500XX1, DU8500XX2, DU8550XT0, DU8550XT1, DU8550XT2, DU8550XT3, DU8550XT4, DU8550XT5, DU8570XT0, DU8570XT1, DU8570XT2, DU8700XT0, DU8700XT1, DU8700XT2, DU8700XT3, DU8700XT4, DU8700XT5, DU8700XX0, DU8750XT0, DU8750XT1, DU8750XT2, DU8750XT3, DU8900XL0, DU8900XT0, DU8900XT1, DU8900XT2, DU8900XT3, DU8900XT4, DU8900XT5, DU8900XT6, DU8903XL0, DU8950XT0, DU8950XT1, DU8950XT2, DU8950XT3, DU9000XR0, DU9000XR1, DU9000XR2, DU9000XR3, DU9000XR4, DU9000XR5, DU9000XR6, DU9000XR7, DU9000XR8, DU9000XR9, DU9100XT0, DU9100XT1, DU9100XT4, DU9200XT0, DU9200XT1, DU9200XT2, DU9200XT3, DU9200XT4, DU9200XX0, DU9400XT0, DU9400XT1, DU9400XT4, DU9450XT0, DU9450XT2, DU9500XR1, DU9500XR2, DU9500XS0, DU9500XS1, DU9500XS2, DU9500XS3, DU9700XR0, DU9700XR1, DU9700XR2, DU9700XR3, DU9700XR4, DU9700XR5, DU9700XR6, DU9700XR7, DU9700XR8, DU9700XR9, DU9700XT0, DU9900XL0, DU9900XR0, DU9903XL0, DU9903XL1, GDP6000XRP0, GDP6000XRP1, GDP6880XLP0, GDP6880XLP1, GDP8500XXN0, GDP8500XXN1, GDP8700XTN0, GDP8700XTN1, GDP8700XTN2, GDP8700XTN3, GDU3024XLW0, GDU3024XLW1, GDU4050XPW0, GDU4050XPW1, GDU4050XPW3, GDU4050XPW4, GDU8700XT0, GSHF7801W0, GSHF7804W0, GSHF7804W1, GSHF7884P0, GSHF7884P1, GSHF7884P2, GSHU3024W0, GSHU3024W1, SHF3801W0, SHF3804W2, SHF4500W0, SHF5500W0, SHF5501W0, SHF5504W0, SHF5584P1, SHF5584P2, SHF5801W0, SHF5801W1, SHF5884P1, SHF5884P2, SHF7800W0, SHF7801W0, SHF7804W1, SHF7884P0, SHF7884P1, SHF7884P2, SHU30011, SHU30041, SHU30140, SHU30141, SHU40011, SHU40041, SHU45010, SHU45020, SHU50041, SHU50043, SHU55010, SHU55040, SHU55042, SHU60020, SHU70010, SHU70041, SHU70050, SHU70051, SHU70052, SHU75010, SHU75042, SHU80010, SHU80041, SHU80042, SHU90002, SHU90041, SHU90050, SHU99041, SHU99052, SHU99053, WU3000V0, WU3000V1, WU3000V2, WU3000V3, WU3006V0, WU3006V1, WU3006V2, WU3006V3, WU4400V0, WU4400V1, WU4400V2, WU4400V3, WU4406V1, WU4406V3, WU5650V0, WU5650V1, WU5650V2, WU6850V0, WU6850V1, WU6850V2

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5 of 5 Very pleased! January 17, 2020
Reviewer: Mr. Readdy  
Arrived earlier than expected! The perfect part I was searching for. It was a very easy install and wish I would have replaced the part years ago!
Thanks for the great service!
Also please consider expanding your social media presence and come to VERO True Social! It would be great to have you on there.

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