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Whirlpool Maytag 12002784 Relay and Overload Kit
Whirlpool Maytag 12002784 Relay and Overload Kit

Our Price: $75.03
MFG P/N: 12002784
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Product Code: WHI12002784

Whirlpool Maytag 12002784 Relay and Overload

Replaces the following part numbers:
  • 61005271
  • 61005616
  • AP4009660
  • PS2004059

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed):

ARS2760BW, AS2125CIHW, AS2125SIHW, AS2126PIHW, AS2728GIHB, AS2728GIHW, AZ2727GIHB, AZ2727GIHW, CS21F5DW, CS21G2Q, CS21G2W, CS21G5DQ, CS21G5DW, CS23G5Q, CS23G5W, CS24G6DB, CS24G6DQ, CS24G6DW, CS27G6DB, CS27G6DQ, CS27G6DW, GC2220DEGB, GC2227CDFB, GC2227CDFW, GC2227DEDB, GC2227DEDW, GC2227GEH1, GC2227SDFB, GC2227SDFW, GC2228EED3, GC2228EED5, GC2228EED9, GC2228EEDB, GC2228EEDW, GC2228GEH3, GC2228GEH5, GC2228GEH9, GC2228GEHB, GC2228GEHW, GC2229GEHB, GC2229GEHW, GS2125CEEW, GS2126CEDW, GS2126PADB, GS2126PADW, GS2126PEDW, GS2127CADW, GS2127CAHB, GS2127CAHW, GS2127PAHB, GS2127PAHW, GS2327GEHW, GS2327PEHQ, GS2414CXFQ, GS2414CXFW, GS2726CEHQ, GS2727EAD1, GS2727GAH1, GS2727GEH3, GS2727GEHB, GS2727GEHW, GS2728GEHB, GS2728GEHQ, GS2728GEHW, GZ2727GEHB, GZ2727GEHQ, GZ2727GEHW, JCB2388GRB, JCB2388GRQ, JCB2388GRW, JCB2388GTB, JCB2388GTW, JCB2389GRS, JCD2389GEB, JCD2389GEQ, JCD2389GES, JCD2389GEW, JCD2389GTB, JCD2389GTW, JSD2488GEB, JSD2488GEQ, JSD2488GEW, JSD2789GEB, JSD2789GEQ, JSD2789GES, JSD2789GEW, K3965X0, KF57U56, KFU5755, KG57U95SKD, KG66U55, KG66U920, KGU57990KD, KGU6655, KGU66920, KGU6695, KGU66990, MSB2154GRQ, MSB2154GRW, MSB2354GRQ, MSB2354GRW, MSD2422GRQ, MSD2422GRW, MSD2432GRQ, MSD2432GRW, MSD2434GEQ, MSD2434GEW, MSD2436GRQ, MSD2436GRW, MSD2454GRQ, MSD2454GRW, MSD2456GEB, MSD2456GEQ, MSD2456GEW, MSD2458GEB, MSD2458GEQ, MSD2458GEW, MSD2654GRQ, MSD2654GRW, MSD2656GEB, MSD2656GEQ, MSD2656GEW, MSD2722GRQ, MSD2722GRW, MSD2732GRQ, MSD2732GRW, MSD2734GEQ, MSD2734GEW, MSD2736GRQ, MSD2736GRW, MSD2754GRQ, MSD2754GRW, MSD2756GEB, MSD2756GEQ, MSD2756GES, MSD2756GEW, MSD2758GEB, MSD2758GEQ, MSD2758GEW, MSD2957GEB, MSD2957GEQ, MSD2957GEW, MZ2727EEGB, MZ2727EEGW, MZD2752GRB, MZD2752GRQ, MZD2752GRS, MZD2752GRW, MZD2766GEB, MZD2766GEQ, MZD2766GES, MZD2766GEW, MZD2768GEB, MZD2768GEQ, MZD2768GEW, PSB2151GRQ, PSB2151GRW, PSB2352GRQ, PSB2352GRW, PSD2145GRQ, PSD2145GRW, PSD2450GRB, PSD2450GRQ, PSD2450GRW, PSD2750GRQ, PSD2750GRW, S60STRP, S61STRP, SRA22B, SRA23BN, TRIS245FBW,

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