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Whirlpool 4342528 Oven Ignitor
Whirlpool Range Ignitor 4342528

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MFG P/N: 4342528
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Product Code: WHI4342528

Whirlpool Range Ignitor 4342528

2.5-3.0 amp round style oven ignitor with 10 inch leads. Same ignitor as GE WB2x9154

Part Number 4342528 replaces 300259, 3196447, 337263, 4157446, 4322910, 4332948, 4338008, 4338037, 4342528VP, 4389493, 8053999, AP3104565, PS360921

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed):

601C, 602W, 61C, 640C, 640W, 701C, 70C, 75C, DE701W, B4007B0, B4007B1, B4007X0, B4607B0, B4607B1, B8758B2, B8758B3, B8758X0, B8758X1, D6757^0, D6757^1, D6757X0, D6757X1, F4857^0, F4857W0, F4858^0, F4858^3, F4858L0, F4858L3, F4858W0, F4858W3, F6857^0, F6857W0, F6858^0, F6858L0, F6858W0, F8557^1, F8557W1, F8558^0, F8558L0, F8558W0, F8857^0, F8857W0, F8858^0, F8858L0, F8858W0, F8858X0, F8958^0, F8958^1, F8958L0, F8958L1, F8958W0, F8958W1, FGP315EN0, FGP315EW0, FGP325EN0, FGP325EW0, FGP325GN1, FGP325GW1, FGP335EN0, FGP335EQ0, FGP335EW0, FGP335GN1, FGP335GQ1, FGP335GW1, FGP337GN1, FGP337GQ1, FGP337GW1, FGS335EN0, FGS335EQ0, FGS335EW0, FGS337GN1, FGS337GQ1, FGS337GW1, GS395LEGB1, GS395LEGQ1, GS395LEGZ1, H6358^0, H6358^1, H6358L0, H6358L1, H6358W0, H6358W1, H8858^0, H8858^1, H8858L0, H8858L1, H8858W0, H8858W1, S8757^0, S8757^1, S8757^2, S8757^3, S8757^4, S8757W0, S8757W1, S8757W2, S8757W3, S8757W4, SF3020EEN0, SF3020EEW0, SF3020EGN1, SF3020EGW1, SF302BEGN1, SF302BEGW1, SF303PEGQ1, SF304PEEN0, SF304PEEQ0, SF304PEEW0, SF305PEEN0, SF305PEEQ0, SF305PEEW0, SF306PEGN1, SF306PEGQ1, SF306PEGW1, SF310BEGN1, SF310BEGQ1, SF310BEGW1, SF315PEEN0, SF315PEEQ0, SF315PEEW0, SF315PEGN1, SF315PEGQ1, SF315PEGW1, SF325PEEN0, SF325PEEQ0, SF325PEEW0, SF325PEEZ0, SF325PEGN1, SF325PEGQ1, SF325PEGW1, SF325PEGZ1, SF337PEXW0, SF350BEEW0, SF350BEGW1, SF360BEEN0, SF360BEEQ0, SF360BEEW0, SF360BEEZ0, SF360PEEN0, SF360PEEW0, SF362BEGN1, SF362BEGQ1, SF362BEGW1, SF365PEGN1, SF365PEGQ1, SF365PEGW1, SF370LEGN1, SF370LEGW1, SF370PEGQ1, SF370PEGZ1, SF372BEEN0, SF372BEEQ0, SF372BEEW0, SF372BEEZ0, SF375PEEN0, SF375PEEQ0, SF375PEEW0, SF375PEEZ0, SF377PEGB1, SF377PEGN1, SF377PEGQ1, SF377PEGW1, SF377PEGZ1, SF385PEEN0, SF385PEEQ0, SF385PEEW0, SF385PEEZ0, SF385PEGB1, SF385PEGN1, SF385PEGQ1, SF385PEGW1, SF385PEGZ1, SF387LEGN1, SF387LEGQ1, SF387LEGW1, SF395LEEB0, SF395LEEQ0, SF395LEEZ0, SS385PEBH0, SS385PEBH1, SS385PEBQ0, SS385PEBQ1, SS385PEEB0, SS385PEEQ0, SS630PER0, TGS325EW0, TGS325GW1

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