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Whirlpool Speed Queen 21685 Lid Bumper
Whirlpool Speed Queen 21685 Lid Bumper

Our Price: $3.99
MFG P/N: 21685
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Product Code: SPE21685

Whirlpool Speed Queen 21685 Lid Bumper

Replaces the following part numbers:
  • 14218892
  • 21685
  • 32507
  • 40038001
  • AP2400530
  • AP6009104
  • R0606501
  • R0606555
  • WP40038001

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed):

AA3410, AA4410, AA4411, AA5420, AA5421, AA6421, AA8431, AA9431, AWE852, AWE931, AWE951, AWM190W, AWM190W2, AWM190W2 (BOM: PAWM190W2), AWM230, AWM250, AWM270W, AWM270W2, AWM270W2 (BOM: PAWM270W2), AWM290L, AWM290L2, AWM290L2 (BOM: PAWM290L2), AWM290W, AWM290W2, AWM290W2 (BOM: PAWM290W2), AWM331, AWM332, AWM351, AWM352, AWM371W2, AWM371W2 (BOM: PAWM371W2), AWM372W, AWM372W2, AWM372W2 (BOM: PAWM372W2), AWM373W, AWM373W2, AWM373W2 (BOM: PAWM373W2), AWM392L, AWM392L2, AWM392L2 (BOM: PAWM392L2), AWM392W, AWM392W2, AWM392W2 (BOM: PAWM392W2), AWM393L, AWM393L2, AWM393L2 (BOM: PAWM393L2), AWM393W, AWM393W2, AWM393W2 (BOM: PAWM393W2), AWM432, AWM452, AWM472W, AWM472W2, AWM572, AWM573W, AWM573W2, AWM573W2 (BOM: PAWM573W2), AWM592, AWM593L, AWM593L2, AWM593L2 (BOM: PAWM593L2), AWM593W, AWM593W2, AWM593W2 (BOM: PAWM593W2), AWM631, AWM651, AWM692, AWM693, CW3502L (BOM: P1163208W L), CW3502W (BOM: P1163207W W), CW4202L (BOM: PCW4202L), CW4202W (BOM: PCW4202W), CW4202W2 (BOM: PCW4202W2 A), CW4202W2 (BOM: PCW4202W2 B), CW4202W2 (BOM: PCW4202W2A), CW8202W2 (BOM: PCW8202W2 A), CW8202W2 (BOM: PCW8202W2 B), CW8202W2 (BOM: PCW8202W2), CW8203W (BOM: PCW8203W), CW8203W2 (BOM: PCW8203W2 A), CW8203W2 (BOM: PCW8203W2 B), CW8203W2 (BOM: PCW8203W2A), CW8403W (BOM: P1163311W W), CW8413W2 (BOM: PCW8413W2 A), CW8413W2 (BOM: PCW8413W2 B), CW8413W2 (BOM: PCW8413W2A), CW9203W (BOM: P1163405W W), CW9203W2 (BOM: PCW9203W2 A), CW9203W2 (BOM: PCW9203W2 B), CW9203W2 (BOM: PCW9203W2), CW9203W3 (BOM: PCW9203W3 A), CW9203W3 (BOM: PCW9203W3 B), CW9203W3 (BOM: PCW9203W3), DE1020, DE1021, DE3010, DE3011, DE3231, DE3270, DE3271, DE3670, DE3671, DE3790, DE3791, DE3850, DE3851, DE6050, DE6051, DE6080, DE6081, DE6151, DE6171, DE6230, DE6231, DE6260, DE6261, DE9021, DG1030, DG1031, DG3020, DG3021, DG3240, DG3250, DG3261, DG3280, DG3281, DG3291, DG3300, DG3331, DG3341, DG3350, DG3630, DG3680, DG3681, DG3800, DG3801, DG3860, DG3861, DG6060, DG6061, DG6090, DG6091, DG6161, DG6181, DG6240, DG6241, DG6270, DG6271, DG9031, FE1020, FE6260, FG3240, FG3331, FG6270, HA2010, HA2300, HA2410, HA2411, HA2620, HA2621, HA3000, HA3001, HA4000, HA4001, HA4010, HA4011, HA4020, HA4021, HA4210, HA4211, HA4260, HA4261, HA4290, HA4291, HA4340, HA4341, HA4370, HA4371, HA4500, HA4501, HA4510, HA4511, HA4520, HA4521, HA4590, HA4591, HA5000, HA5001, HA5320, HA5590, HA5591, HA6000, HA6001, HA6450, HA6470, HA6471, HA7001, HA7221, LW1000W (BOM: P1177501W W), LW2001W (BOM: PLW2001W), LW2001W2 (BOM: PLW2001W2 A), LW2001W2 (BOM: PLW2001W2 B), LW2001W2 (BOM: PLW2001W2), LW2501L2 (BOM: PLW2501L2 A), LW2501L2 (BOM: PLW2501L2 B), LW2501L2 (BOM: PLW2501L2), LW2501W2 (BOM: PLW2501W2 A), LW2501W2 (BOM: PLW2501W2 B), LW2501W2 (BOM: PLW2501W2), LW3502L (BOM: P1163202W L), LW3502L2 (BOM: PLW3502L2 A), LW3502L2 (BOM: PLW3502L2 B), LW3502L2 (BOM: PLW3502L2), LW3502W (BOM: P1163201W W), LW3502W2 (BOM: PLW3502W2 A), LW3502W2 (BOM: PLW3502W2 B), LW3502W2 (BOM: PLW3502W2), LW3503L (BOM: P1163204W L), LW3503L2 (BOM: PLW3503L2 A), LW3503L2 (BOM: PLW3503L2 B), LW3503L2 (BOM: PLW3503L2), LW3503W (BOM: P1163203W W), LW3503W2 (BOM: PLW3503W2 A), LW3503W2 (BOM: PLW3503W2 B), LW3503W2 (BOM: PLW3503W2), LW4202L (BOM: P1163211W L), LW4202W (BOM: P1163210W W), LW4203L2 (BOM: PLW4203L2 A), LW4203L2 (BOM: PLW4203L2 B), LW4203L2 (BOM: PLW4203L2A), LW4203W2 (BOM: PLW4203W2 A), LW4203W2 (BOM: PLW4203W2 B), LW4203W2 (BOM: PLW4203W2A), LW4302L (BOM: P1163302W L), LW4302W (BOM: P1163301W W), LW4303L (BOM: P1163304W L), LW4303W (BOM: P1163303W W), LW4603L (BOM: P1163404W L), LW4603W (BOM: P1163403W W), LW6001W2 (BOM: PLW6001W2 A), LW6001W2 (BOM: PLW6001W2 B), LW6001W2 (BOM: PLW6001W2A), LW6101WB (BOM: PLW6101WB A), LW6101WB (BOM: PLW6101WB B), LW6101WB (BOM: PLW6101WB), LW6111LB (BOM: PLW6111LB A), LW6111LB (BOM: PLW6111LB B), LW6111LB (BOM: PLW6111LB), LW6111WB (BOM: PLW6111WB A), LW6111WB (BOM: PLW6111WB B), LW6111WB (BOM: PLW6111WB), LW6123LM (BOM: PLW6123LM A), LW6123LM (BOM: PLW6123LM B), LW6123LM (BOM: PLW6123LM), LW6123WM (BOM: PLW6123WM A), LW6123WM (BOM: PLW6123WM B), LW6123WM (BOM: PLW6123WM), LW6143LM (BOM: PLW6143LM A), LW6143LM (BOM: PLW6143LM B), LW6143LM (BOM: PLW6143LMA), LW6143WM (BOM: PLW6143WM A), LW6143WM (BOM: PLW6143WM B), LW6143WM (BOM: PLW6143WMA), LW6153LB (BOM: PLW6153LB A), LW6153LB (BOM: PLW6153LB B), LW6153LB (BOM: PLW6153LB), LW6153LM (BOM: PLW6153LM A), LW6153LM (BOM: PLW6153LM B), LW6153LM (BOM: PLW6153LMA), LW6153WB (BOM: PLW6153WB A), LW6153WB (BOM: PLW6153WB B), LW6153WB (BOM: PLW6153WB), LW6153WM (BOM: PLW6153WM A), LW6153WM (BOM: PLW6153WM B), LW6153WM (BOM: PLW6153WMA), LW6163LM (BOM: PLW6163LM A), LW6163LM (BOM: PLW6163LM B), LW6163LM (BOM: PLW6163LM), LW6163WM (BOM: PLW6163WM A), LW6163WM (BOM: PLW6163WM B), LW6163WM (BOM: PLW6163WM), LW6501W2 (BOM: PLW6501W2 A), LW6501W2 (BOM: PLW6501W2 B), LW6501W2 (BOM: PLW6501W2A), LW6501W2B (BOM: PLW6501W2 A), LW6501W2B (BOM: PLW6501W2 B), LW6601W2 (BOM: PLW6601W2 A), LW6601W2 (BOM: PLW6601W2 B), LW6661W2 (BOM: PLW6661W2 B), LW7503L2 (BOM: PLW7503L2 A), LW7503L2 (BOM: PLW7503L2 B), LW7503L2 (BOM: PLW7503L2A), LW7503W2 (BOM: PLW7503W2 A), LW7503W2 (BOM: PLW7503W2 B), LW7503W2 (BOM: PLW7503W2A), LW7563W2 (BOM: PLW7563W2 B), LW8201L2 (BOM: PLW8201L2 A), LW8201L2 (BOM: PLW8201L2 B), LW8201L2 (BOM: PLW8201L2B), LW8201W2 (BOM: PLW8201W2 A), LW8201W2 (BOM: PLW8201W2 B), LW8201W2 (BOM: PLW8201W2B), LW8203L2 (BOM: PLW8203L2 A), LW8203L2 (BOM: PLW8203L2 B), LW8203L2 (BOM: PLW8203L2A), LW8203W (BOM: P1163212W W), LW8203W2 (BOM: PLW8203W2 A), LW8203W2 (BOM: PLW8203W2 B), LW8203W2 (BOM: PLW8203W2A), LW8203W2B (BOM: PLW8203W2 A), LW8203W2B (BOM: PLW8203W2 B), LW8252L2 (BOM: PLW8252L2 A), LW8252L2 (BOM: PLW8252L2 B), LW8252L2 (BOM: PLW8252L2A), LW8252W2 (BOM: PLW8252W2 A), LW8252W2 (BOM: PLW8252W2 B), LW8252W2 (BOM: PLW8252W2A), LW8253W (BOM: PLW8253W), LW8263W2 (BOM: PLW8263W2 B), LW8263W2 (BOM: PLW8263W2), LW8303L2 (BOM: PLW8303L2 A), LW8303L2 (BOM: PLW8303L2 B), LW8303L2 (BOM: PLW8303L2A), LW8303W2 (BOM: PLW8303W2 A), LW8303W2 (BOM: PLW8303W2 B), LW8303W2 (BOM: PLW8303W2), LW8303W2 (BOM: PLW8303W2A), LW8312L2 (BOM: PLW8312L2 A), LW8312L2 (BOM: PLW8312L2 B), LW8312L2 (BOM: PLW8312L2A), LW8312W2 (BOM: PLW8312W2 A), LW8312W2 (BOM: PLW8312W2 B), LW8312W2 (BOM: PLW8312W2A), LW8363L2 (BOM: PLW8363L2 B), LW8363L2 (BOM: PLW8363L2), LW8363W2 (BOM: PLW8363W2 B), LW8363W2 (BOM: PLW8363W2), LW8403W (BOM: P1163305W W), LW8413L2 (BOM: PLW8413L2 A), LW8413L2 (BOM: PLW8413L2 B), LW8413L2 (BOM: PLW8413L2A), LW8413W2 (BOM: PLW8413W2 A), LW8413W2 (BOM: PLW8413W2 B), LW8413W2 (BOM: PLW8413W2A), LW8413W2B (BOM: PLW8413W2 A), LW8413W2B (BOM: PLW8413W2 B), LW8463L2 (BOM: PLW8463L2 B), LW8463L2 (BOM: PLW8463L2), LW8463W2 (BOM: PLW8463W2 A), LW8463W2 (BOM: PLW8463W2 B), LW8463W2 (BOM: PLW8463W2), LW9203L2 (BOM: PLW9203L2 A), LW9203L2 (BOM: PLW9203L2 B), LW9203L2 (BOM: PLW9203L2A), LW9203W (BOM: P1163401W W), LW9203W2 (BOM: PLW9203W2), LW9203W2 (BOM: PLW9203W2A), LWA05AW (BOM: PLWA05AW), LWA10AW (BOM: PLWA10AW), LWA18AW (BOM: PLWA18AW), LWA20AW (BOM: PLWA20AW), LWA30AL (BOM: PLWA30AL), LWA30AW (BOM: PLWA30AW), LWA30BL (BOM: PLWA30BL), LWA30BW (BOM: PLWA30BW), LWA40AL (BOM: PLWA40AL), LWA40AL2 (BOM: PLWA40AL2), LWA40AW (BOM: PLWA40AW), LWA40AW2 (BOM: PLWA40AW2), LWA50AL (BOM: PLWA50AL), LWA50AW (BOM: PLWA50AW), LWA60AL (BOM: PLWA60AL), LWA60AW (BOM: PLWA60AW), LWA65AL (BOM: PLWA65AL), LWA65AW (BOM: PLWA65AW), LWA80AL (BOM: PLWA80AL), LWA80AW (BOM: PLWA80AW), LWA90AL (BOM: PLWA90AL), LWA90AW (BOM: PLWA90AW), LWC05AW (BOM: PLWC05AW), LWC07AW (BOM: PLWC07AW), LWC18AW (BOM: PLWC18AW), LWC30AW (BOM: PLWC30AW), LWC40AW (BOM: PLWC40AW), LWC50AW (BOM: PLWC50AW), LWC75AW (BOM: PLWC75AW), LWC80AW (BOM: PLWC80AW), LWC90AW (BOM: PLWC90AW), LWD27AW (BOM: PLWD27AW), LWD27BW (BOM: PLWD27BW), LWD35AW (BOM: PLWD35AW), LWD37AW (BOM: PLWD37AW), LWD40AW (BOM: PLWD40AW), LWD67AL (BOM: PLWD67AL), LWD67AW (BOM: PLWD67AW), LWD70AL (BOM: PLWD70AL), LWD70AW (BOM: PLWD70AW), LWD75AW (BOM: PLWD75AW), LWM251W (BOM: P1176301W W), LWM353L (BOM: P1176402W L), LWM353W (BOM: P1176401W W), LWM423L (BOM: P1176404W L), LWM423W (BOM: P1176403W W), LWM433L (BOM: P1176502W L), LWM433W (BOM: P1176501W W), LWM833W (BOM: P1176503W W), LWS01AW (BOM: PLWS01AW), LWS04AW (BOM: PLWS04AW), LWS16AW (BOM: PLWS16AW), LWS17AW (BOM: PLWS17AW), LWS34AW (BOM: PLWS34AW), LWS55AW (BOM: PLWS55AW), LWX20AW (BOM: PLWX20AW), LWX50AW (BOM: PLWX50AW), NA3812, NA4821, NA6821, NA8831, TW3502G (BOM: P1163209W G), TW4303G (BOM: P1163312W G), VA2013, VA4013, VA6013

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