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Whirlpool W10844024 Dishwasher Water Valve
Whirlpool W10844024 Dishwasher Water Valve

Our Price: $36.92
MFG P/N: W10844024
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Product Code: WHIW10844024

Whirlpool W10844024 Dishwasher Water Valve

When replacing an older valve, W10685193 may be required. Note the inlet fitting has been redesigned.

Replaces the following part numbers:
  • 3378779
  • 3379356
  • 3384890
  • 8274221
  • 8283345
  • 8283346
  • 9743175
  • 9743559
  • 9744029
  • 9744284
  • 9744468
  • W10219643
  • W10327248
  • WP9744468
  • WPW10219643
  • AP5989613
  • PS11747099

Fits the following models (not all applicable models are listed):

ADB1000AWB1, ADB1000AWD1, ADB1000AWQ1, ADB1000AWS1, ADB1000AWW0, ADB1000AWW1, CDB4000AWB0, CDB4000AWW0, CDB4000TQ0, CDB4000TU0, CDB4000WQ0, CDB4000WU0, CDB4000XB0, CDB4000XQ0, MDB3601AWB0, MDB3601AWQ0, MDB3601AWW0, MDB3601BWB0, MDB3601BWB1, MDB3601BWQ0, MDB3601BWQ1, MDB3601BWS0, MDB3601BWS1, MDB3601BWW0, MDB3601BWW1, MDB4621AWB0, MDB4621AWS0, MDB4621AWW0, MDB4629AWB0, MDB4629AWB1, MDB4629AWS0, MDB4629AWS1, MDB4629AWW0, MDB4629AWW1, CDB4000TQ0, CDB4000TU0, CUD4000JB0, CUD4000JB1, CUD4000JQ0, CUD4000JQ1, CUD4000TQ0, CUD4000TU0, CUD4000WQ0, CUD4000WQ1, CUD4000WU0, CUD4000WU1, CUD6710TB0, CUD6710TQ0, CUD6710WB0, CUD6710WB1, CUD6710WQ0, CUD6710WQ1, DU1000CGB2, DU1000CGQ2, DU1000CGT2, DU400CWDB2, DU400CWDB5, DU400CWGW1, DU400SWKW0, DU400SWKW1, DU400SWKW2, DU400SWWW0, DU400SWWW1, DU600PWKQ0, DU620PWKQ0, DU800CWDB4, DU800CWDB5, DU800CWDQ4, DU800CWDQ5, DU800DWGQ0, DU800DWGQ1, DU800DWGQ2, DU800DWGU2, DU800DWGX0, DU800DWGX1, DU800SWKQ0, DU800SWKU0, DU801DWGQ0, DU801DWGQ1, DU801DWGQ2, DU801DWGX0, DU801DWGX1, DU801DWGX2, DU805DWGB0, DU805DWGB1, DU805DWGB2, DU805DWGQ0, DU805DWGQ1, DU805DWGQ2, DU806CWDB4, DU806CWDB5, DU806CWDQ4, DU806CWDQ5, DU810CWDB4, DU810CWDB5, DU810CWDQ4, DU810CWDQ5, DU810CWDZ5, DU810DWGQ0, DU810DWGQ1, DU810DWGQ2, DU810DWGU0, DU810DWGU1, DU810DWGU2, DU810DWGX0, DU810SWKQ0, DU810SWKT0, DU810SWKU0, DU810SWLQ0, DU810SWLT0, DU810SWLU0, DU810SWPQ0, DU810SWPQ1, DU810SWPQ2, DU810SWPQ3, DU810SWPQ4, DU810SWPT0, DU810SWPT1, DU810SWPT2, DU810SWPT3, DU810SWPT4, DU810SWPU0, DU810SWPU1, DU810SWPU2, DU810SWPU4, DU811DWGQ0, DU811DWGQ1, DU811DWGU0, DU811DWGU1, DU811SWKQ0, DU811SWKU0, DU811SWLQ0, DU811SWLU0, DU811SWPQ0, DU811SWPQ2, DU811SWPQ3, DU811SWPQ4, DU811SWPU0, DU811SWPU2, DU811SWPU3, DU811SWPU4, DU830CWDB5, DU840CWDB4, DU840CWDB5, DU840CWDQ4, DU840CWDQ5, DU840DWGQ0, DU840DWGQ1, DU840DWGQ2, DU840DWGT2, DU840DWGX0, DU840DWGX1, DU840DWGX2, DU840DWGZ0, DU840DWGZ1, DU840DWGZ2, DU840SWKQ0, DU840SWKT0, DU840SWKU0, DU840SWKX0, DU840SWLQ0, DU840SWLT0, DU840SWLU0, DU840SWPQ0, DU840SWPQ1, DU840SWPQ2, DU840SWPS0, DU840SWPS1, DU840SWPS2, DU840SWPT0, DU840SWPT1, DU840SWPT2, DU840SWPU0, DU840SWPU1, DU840SWPU2, DU850DWGB0, DU850DWGB1, DU850DWGQ0, DU850DWGQ1, DU850DWGX0, DU850DWGX1, DU850SWKB0, DU850SWKQ0, DU850SWKT0, DU850SWLB0, DU850SWLQ0, DU850SWPB0, DU850SWPB1, DU850SWPB2, DU850SWPB3, DU850SWPB4, DU850SWPQ0, DU850SWPQ1, DU850SWPQ2, DU850SWPQ3, DU850SWPQ4, DU850SWPS0, DU850SWPS1, DU850SWPS2, DU850SWPS3, DU850SWPS4, DU850SWPT1, DU850SWPT2, DU850SWPT3, DU850SWPT4, DU850SWPU0, DU850SWPU1, DU850SWPU2, DU850SWPU3, DU850SWPU4, DU851SWPS0, DU851SWPS1, DU851SWPS2, DU860SWSB0, DU860SWSQ0, DU860SWSS0, DU890DWGQ0, DU890DWGQ1, DU890DWGQ2, DU890DWGU2, DU890DWGX0, DU890DWGX1, DU890DWGZ0, DU890DWGZ1, DU890DWGZ2, DU890SWKQ0, DU890SWKT0, DU890SWKU0, DU890SWLQ0, DU890SWLTO, DU890SWLU0, DU895SWPB0, DU895SWPQ0, DU895SWPS0, DU895SWPT0, DU895SWPU0, DU900PCDB4, DU900PCDB5, DU900PCDB6, DU900PCDQ4, DU900PCDQ5, DU900PCDQ6, DU900PCDZ4, DU900PCDZ5, DU900PCDZ6, DU900PWKB0, DU900PWKQ0, 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TUD6750RD0, TUD6750RD1, TUD6750RD2, TUD6750SD0, TUD6900PB0, TUD6900PB2, TUD6900PQ0, TUD6900PQ2,

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Alternate Items and accessories....
Whirlpool W10685193 3/4 X 3/8 Water Line Fitting
Our Price: $8.46

Whirlpool W10685193 3/4 X 3/8 Water Line Fitting

Average Customer Review: Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 2 Write a review.

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Inlet valve December 7, 2018
Reviewer: KINDY SURA from NAPLES, FL United States  
Only problem was getting this old bod up from the floor. Part worked and fit well. Watched a video on how and fixed it myself !

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 W10844024 January 11, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Arlington, VA United States  
Valve action is now perfect using this valve as a "substitute replacement" part for the out of production, 17 year old original.

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